What’s the Deal With a Squirrel’s Tail Anyway

While walking outside in wooded or residential areas, it’s practically impossible to get to not to see a couple squirrels.  While on my way to check the mail I saw some squirrel doing the monkey or something…if you want to see a video of exactly what I mean watch this quick video.  So the squirrel was going nuts while it’s flicking its tail like crazy!

This has me has me wondering…what’s with the bushy tail?  Is it simply for celebratory helicopters whenever it finds a nut or does it actually serve other purposes?

Well it turns out that the way squirrels actually use their tails are their universal tool!  The squirrel actually uses its tail to maintain balance for when it scurries around from tree to tree. If the squirrel happens to fall from a tree, it will actually use its tail as a parachute as it’s falling; before the squirrel hits the ground it’ll land on its tail to cushion the fall too!  In the rare event that a squirrel decides to go swimming, it uses its tail as a rutter.

If there’s inclement weather, they will use their tail as an umbrella to keep dry, as a blanket when it’s cold, and if it’s really sunny their tails become their personal cabana! Squirrels will also use their tales as a form of communication. During the squirrel mating season, it will use its tail to say, “Hello” to a potential mate. If a squirrel is alarmed and ready to become defensive, it’ll puff out its tail and flick it about to intimidate the predator. I was surfing YouTube and I actually found an interesting video that shows squirrels using their tails as shade and a predator deterrent.

It turns out that the squirrel’s tail is one of their most useful tools.  Through my research, I figured that the squirrel I saw doing the monkey was afraid someone was going to steal its food and was guarding its territory.

What does a squirrel’s story have to do with Goldwiser? Absolutely nothing! Just something interesting for you to read while you’re surfing my website! Let’s talk about it at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 Monday through Saturday!