Women and Jewelry: Farah Khan Ali

Farah Khan Ali’s parents Sanjay and Zarine Khan are big on the Bollywood circuit. Her younger sister Suzanne married successful Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and her brother Zayed is a much drooled-after big screen sex symbol.
As a result, Khan Ali’s life is one of flash — be it paparazzi cameras, sequined body con dresses worn to her husband’s nightclub openings or the veritable rocks of bling she designs for the OTT lifestyle of Bollywood’s nouveau royalty.
In June 2009, when the 10th anniversary of IIFA (Indian International Film Awards) was celebrated in Macau, Ali Khan was the only jewelry designer to have over 10 Bollywood personalities photographed wearing her jewelry. She is, to the Hindi film industry, what Fred Leighton and Chopard are to Hollywood — minus the tradition.
And Farah Khan Ali, who is married to Aqeel Ali, one of India’s most hyped DJs, tweets out the glam story of her life an average of 10 times a day, with nearly 68,000 followers in tow.
After 17 years in the business of jewelry design (“traditional, heritage jewelry that speaks a modern language”) dressing Mumbai celebrities, Bollywood stars and India’s foremost business families, Khan opens her first flagship boutique, Farah Khan Fine Jewelry, on Turner Road in Bandra, simultaneously launching a line of signature heirloom jewels.
“After completing almost two decades in the world of jewelry design, I am extremely proud to present a signature space that perfectly reflects the ethos of my label,” says Khan Ali. “My designs are flamboyant, ornate and adventurous. I believe that jewelry should make you feel like a princess when you wear it. No matter how big or small the piece of jewelry is, it should stand out and make the wearer feel special.”
Sounding a little Paris Hilton? What’s interesting about Farah Khan Ali is her public tackling of the stereotype that’s she’s been born into privilege and therefore the world is her oyster. To which she writes on her blog, “I may have been brought up in the lap of luxury but had I not worked towards my goal and put in the effort required to achieve, I would have been an ordinary rich spoiled brat wasting my life doing lunches with bored socialites discussing the weather, the handbags, shoes and clothes that one possessed.”