DeLong Star Ruby

This cabochon cut ruby with a vivid purplish red hue at 100.32 carats is one of the largest rubies in the world, and probably the second largest star ruby. The ruby is believed to come from the Mogok mines in Burma (Myanmar).

The ruby was first bought by Martin Leo Ehman in the beginning of 20th Century. Martin sold the ruby to Mrs. Edith Hagging De Long for $21.400 in 1937. This is where the famous ruby got its name from. Mrs. De Long in the same year donated the ruby to American Museum of Natural History.

The ruby was exhibited along with ‘Star of India’ famous star blue sapphire and many other famous gems in the J.P.Morgan Hall of Gems. In 1964, Delong Star Ruby along with Star of India, Eagle Diamond and Midnight Sapphire were stolen from the museum. The infamous burglary was carried out by Jack Rowland Murphy and two other men.

The theft gained much popularity and became an over-night sensation because of the involvement of Jack Murphy, a famous sports figure, and two times National Surfing Hurricane Champion. They were ransomed for $25,000 and both were recovered. The Delong Star was found at a designated drop off site; a phone booth in Florida.

The steal became the main subject of a popular Hollywood movie ‘Murph the Surf’ that was released in the year 1975.

The Delong Star Ruby presently resides at the Natural History Museum in New York City.