OMG The Holidays are Coming Way Too Fast!

Everyone’s so busy in their lives that they may not realize just how quickly the holidays are approaching. Seriously, Halloween is this month, next month is Thanksgiving and a month after that; Christmas. No matter what you do in life​, everyone has old jewelry, coins, gift cards, high-end watches or handbags, silverware or other things that are made out of #gold #silver #platinum or #palladium. It can be broken or never worn, it can be no name brands or designer name brands, it can be very modern or very old, but no matter what it is, it can be worth some spending money to you! And who could use some extra spending money?

Not sure what it is? That’s ok, too! I can test it for you, determine what it is, give you money for it and take it off of your hands! Make some room in your home or business for all the new things you can buy with the extra money!

​Come see me this month and earn an added bonus from me when you mention the code: WP2018 and ask for Gina! Visit any time Monday through ​Saturday 10 am to 7 pm! See you very soon!