The Carolina Reaper Challenge

With all of the talk about these “pepper challenges” my boss decided that today was the day to challenge the entire company to do the Carolina Reaper Challenge. Since I’m closest, I went first. My first impression of the pepper was ewe, it’s kinda waxy. I hate weird consistencies. It had a slight sweet flavor, too. Maybe I got a dud! Now, for the record, I love hot stuff. When I make salsa for friends and family, I have to be considerate that they just can’t hang. With that said, it was a hot pepper, but not the “OMG I’m dying, crying, snotting pepper”. I swear, I think I burned out my taste buds through all of the years of torturing them. Now, I was filmed doing this silliness and while, yes, they were hot and a delayed reaction, I got through it, no problem and didn’t even need milk. Just a swig of my iced tea after about 6 minutes (yes there was a timer). My face may have gotten a little flush, my eyes a little watery and I did remove my sweater (I’m always cold). The heat of the pepper was different than others. It was more acute. Considering that I chewed this silly pepper, I expected it to be mouth wide, but it really wasn’t. I will say, that I think that this little pepper is going to be a new addition to my salsa recipe. I like the flavor of it.
Challenge accepted and the pepper lost!
Gina: 1
Pepper: 0