Here’s Just A Few Reasons Why Mom Is So Special

This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend and while we all get so busy with our lives, take some time to tell her just how important she is and how much you love her. Here are just some reasons why mom’s the best!

Reason #1 – Whenever you are confused about taking a decision, your mom will tell you something insightful that will help.
Reason # 2 – Whenever you are betrayed, your mom’s shoulder will help you get over it.
Reasons #3 – No matter what time of the night it is, if you need, your mom will make you hot chocolate to make you feel better.
Reasons #4 – If you were ever stuck drawing a perfect scientific apparatus for school, you mom would rescue you by showing her artistic side.
Reason #5 – Even a last minute school project became a success because of your mom.
Reason #6 – When something bad happens to you, your mom’s hug is all you need to get comforted.
Reasons #7 – No matter how much her work life sucks, she will never take it out on you.
Reason # 8 – She has been kind to you and your friends even when you broke her favorite thing while playing.
Reason # 9 – She can come up with a perfect explanation as to why you were dumped by your mean boyfriend, and make you feel better.
Reason #10 – When you have no one to talk to, your mom will put away all her chores just to talk with you.
Reason #11 – Even when there was a financial crunch at home, your mom somehow managed to make dinner fun and delicious.
Reason #12 – When it is raining like crazy outside and you have gone to a friend’s place in your car, you mom will be ready with a towel to wipe you dry when you get back home!
Reason #13 – When you really need to, you can count on your mother to tell you a fairy tale and make you believe that the same good life will be yours too.
Reason #14 – When you have taken a wrong turn or a bad decision, she will never tell you, “I told you so!”.
Reason #15 – Your mother will always be up for a pep talk, if and when you need it.
Reason #16 – No matter how sick she is, she will never let you make your own breakfast when you are sick yourself!
Reason #17 – Your mom will never tell you that you are fat.
Reason #18 – If a mother knows that somebody is hurting her children; she will fight like crazy against that ‘somebody’.
Reason #19 – No matter how good you are at lying, your mom will always see through it.
Reason #20 – Your mom is the reason you are contemplating marriage and kids.
Reason #21 – She will be honest with you when a dress doesn’t look good on you.
Reason #22 – Your mom will make you feel better with just one hug.
Reason # 23 – By cooking your favorite dish for you, your mom will turn a boring dinner into an interesting one.
Reason #24 – She can wash your really dirty clothes and make them look brand new.
Reason #25 – When you are scared to sleep alone, your mom will accommodate you in her bed.
Reason #26 – You mom can pack your bags in a jiffy when you are in a hurry to catch a flight that leaves in an hour.
Reason #27 – She was proud even though all you did was sew your own sock, just one!
Reason #28 – She shows off your handmade purse to every single friend of hers and boasts about your ingenious creative abilities.
Reason #29 – Your mom can effortlessly inculcate good habits in you, even when you are 20.
Reason #30 – If you are a good and disciplined human being today, it is because of your mom!
Reason #31 – Your mom will get over her fear of water to help you learn swimming.
Reason #32 – She has encouraged you to do your best and not get disheartened because of failures.
Reason #33 – She will starve to feed you.
Reason #34 – She has done you a favor by delivering you into this world by undergoing lot of pain herself. You wouldn’t be reading this post today, if it weren’t for her!
Reason #35 – Even if it made her uncomfortable, she told you what sex means, and how there are things worth waiting for.
Reason #36 – All you have to do is shout ‘Mom’ and she will come running to your rescue. No matter how far or busy she is.
Reason #37 – She put up with your father’s absurd behavior because she didn’t want you to see them fighting.
Reason #38 – She has taught you to differentiate between right and wrong.
Reason #39 – She can stop you from following the wrong path by just giving you a cold stare.
Reason #40 – Whenever you are upset, you mom will sense it without you even telling her.
Reason #41 – Despite her anguish, she has punished you just so you learn the realities of life.
Reason #42 – Your mom is the only person on earth who began to love you, even before you were born.
Reason #43 – She shares a special bond of life with you. She laughs when you laugh, her heart bleeds when you cry.
Reason #44 – She has tried to make your every single birthday a memorable one.
Reason #45 – She has tried to make you feel like you are the only person who matters in her universe.
Reason #46 – When you really needed her to, she has been there to hold your hands and wipe your tears. Like when your favorite pet died or when your friend backstabbed you.
Reason #47 – She will give you good advice; despite you saying you don’t need it. But in the end, her advice is what helps you decide.
Reason #48 – She shares her life’s experiences with you to help you understand that life is never fair.
Reason #49 – A mother’s instinct never fails. She knows what is right for you and what is wrong. So listen up, girl!
Reason #50 – She has done the best that she can with all she’s had to work with and through.

We are sure there will be plenty more reasons that you have to add in this list. So go ahead and tell us the reasons why your mom is so special!

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