What to do With Yesterday’s Leftovers

Independence Day has now come and gone. Your long holiday weekend is over and it’s time to head back to work. Though if you spent the day grilling up some hot dogs and hamburgers, you may have had some leftovers. Instead of throwing those buns and patties away, here are a couple ideas that you can make with your Fourth of July leftovers.

Turn those hamburgers into patty melts:

If you have any leftover hamburger meat, but no buns left, how about turning it into a couple sandwiches? From a recipe found on Saveur, you can cook up a delicious patty melt using that ground beef. All the other ingredients are salt and pepper, canola oil, yellow onions, cheese and some slices of rye bread. The recipe calls for six patties, but is a great alternative to your traditional sandwich. You can find the whole recipe here!

Make some leftover BBQ chicken roll ups:

Maybe not a lot of people wanted to have some BBQ chicken at your Independence Day cookout, but that’s alright! It just means more chicken for you to make some quick and easy roll ups. All you need is your chicken, BBQ sauce, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, diced banana peppers, jalapeños or onions and some flour tortillas. It’s an effortless meal that takes about fifteen minutes to make and can keep your snack craving under control. You can find the full recipe at the blog, Old House to New Home.

What about some hot dogs and potatoes:

Hot dogs aren’t just a Fourth of July favorite. They are something that you can eat all summer long, but if you’re not the biggest bread lover, you can try this quick and easy hot dog and potato dish from Not Quite Susie. Along with a green pepper and some olive oil, it only takes about 20 minutes to whip up. So you can spend less time in the kitchen and having more time enjoying some simple goodness! The whole recipe can be found here.

Try these hot dog breadsticks:

No matter how hard you try, there always seems to be an extra bag of hot dog buns in your house right after the Fourth of July. Instead of just throwing them in the trash, how about trying to make an Italian side dish? From Jen’s Favorite Cookies, these ten-minute breadsticks only need hot dog buns, butter, cheese and a couple cloves of garlic. Separate the hot dog buns apart with your melted butter, garlic and cheese mixture on top. Add a little more cheese on top of the buns, pop in the oven for a bit and then serve warm! This recipe is a great side for any occasion!

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