Some Positivity for Your Friday

~ Happy Friday ~

I swear, I blink sometimes and the week has flown by! I’ve been throwing myself so completely into this blog recently (which is such a blessing) that I only know what day it is through what post was published – but yikes!! Anyways, this past week I’ve had to do some soul-searching & reflection, which I think is always a good idea occasionally. Here are some great quotes for your Friday!

My aunt used to say something like this ALL THE TIME.  In fact she gave me a book that sits in our guest bathroom entitled, “Put on a little lipstick and you’ll be fine.”  This was her mantra! As long as she had her lipstick & earrings on she could have ruled the world.

This was another thing my aunt used to tell me all the time…especially during my high school & college years. This simple quote always helped re-focus me.

Enough said…this got me through a lot of drama.

A high school deacon gave me a plaque with this on it shortly after my aunt died; I say it in my head daily.

This was one of my dad’s favorites…and it’s true!

This little gem happens to be my own personal daily mantra!!

 All these quotes have touched my heart in some capacity, and I hope that you can find positivity, support, and/or love in some of them too! Have a great weekend!

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