Block Those Annoying Callers Easily

How to block all of those annoying and wrong numbers that aren’t really wrong numbers is pretty simple. I thought by changing my phone number, that that would do the trick. All that actually did though was introduce my phone to a new world of wrong numbers and ex’s from someone that had the number prior to me. It’s all very frustrating especially when you inform them numerous times that they have the wrong number.

Now, I’ve had my current number for a few years and up until very recently I’ve received calls from people that I actually know and gave my number to. However, the last few months have changed my perspective on answering incoming calls. If I don’t know your number and I wasn’t warned ahead of time that you had a different number, then I won’t be answering the phone. I’ve had it with people in general that call my number and hang up. I’ve had it with people that say I called them when I didn’t. And, I’ve had it with people looking for other people that I don’t know and then calling me a liar for telling them that I don’t know them! What in the world, people?

Ok, here’s what you do. The following are the many different phone setups all in one convenient place. That way if you switch phone formats, you can just come back here.


Given that nearly everyone wants to block someone at some point, it’s no surprise that smartphones with the latest versions of Android, iOS and Windows Phone have blocking built right in.
In Android, open your Phone app and go to Settings>>Call>>Call Rejection>>Auto Reject List>>Create. Put in the person’s name or number and their calls and texts will never make it to your screen. They can call and text all day and you’ll never be bothered again.
Because each manufacturer tweaks Android a bit, you might have to hunt around for the settings on your specific gadget. If it just doesn’t have blocking, you can add blocking with an app like Mr. Number.



On an iPhone or iPad with iOS7 or higher, you can block FaceTime, Phone and Messages contacts you don’t want communicating with you.
If you’re in FaceTime or the Phone app, go to “Favorites” or “Recent” and find the person you want to block. Tap their name, then tap the “Info” button, scroll to the bottom and tap “Block Contact.” If you’re in the Contacts screen, just tap the contact, scroll down and tap “Block Contact.”
For blocking Messages, tap a message from someone you want to block and then tap “Contact” in the upper right corner. Tap the “Info” button, scroll to the bottom and tap “Block Contact.”
You can edit your blocked contacts later in Settings>>Phone>>Blocked, Settings>>Messages>>Blocked, or Settings>>FaceTime>>Blocked.


On a Windows Phone, go to Settings and tap “call+SMS filter.” Tap “Accept” and then switch blocking to “On.” Next, go to your call history and tap and hold the number you want to block, and tap “block number.”

If the number harassing you is a robocaller or telemarketer, you can block it this way, or block all robocallers and telemarketers at once. Just add your smartphone’s number to the Do Not Call registry. The annoying calls should stop in about a month.
Now that you know how to do this, stop those annoying people once and for all!