All Hands on Deck! Hurricane Harvey is Coming!

Back in June we discussed hurricane preparedness and how to get ready for the upcoming season. Hopefully, you took heed because we are now on the eve of the possibility of a Category 3 hurricane making landfall somewhere along the Texas coastline. The threat from this storm may be the winds at this point, but the major concern will be the excessive rainfall that our area will experience over the next week. Forecasters are saying that this storm will sit over the Texas coastline until next Wednesday or Thursday which will not bode well for the Houston area.

Local supermarket shelves have been emptying with the rush of worried shoppers causing employees to restock those shelves while relocating other items to aisle and the fronts of the stores. Remember to review the checklist in June’s blog for important information about storing important documents, cash and medication.

Pay close attention to your local news stations for the most up to date information on the storm, the forecast and any evacuation notifications. Make sure that you top off the fuel in your car, charge all of your electronic devices, and have charcoal and lighter fluid, plenty of water and non-perishable foods and extra clothing in sealed plastic containers.

No one know just how severe this storm will end up being, but being as prepared as possible is the best way to make sure that you and your family get through it safely.

Stay safe!

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