Back to Your Corners! Or Not…

It’s amazing how quickly we sink into our defensive positions even after overcoming such difficult circumstances. These very powerful hurricanes which dealt us as a nation a one-two punch in both Texas and Florida brought out the true human side of us. It was mostly an eerily beautiful thing to witness, but it wasn’t without the lowest among us but we’re not going to talk about that today.

People came and are still going to these disaster areas to help the people that need it the most. The selflessness has just been amazing to witness from so many amongst us. What my fear is now that we are already beginning to seep in is the defensiveness that comes about when one is attacked or feels slighted. Instead of trying to be resolute in helping each of us to hang on to our better angels, we are seeing people tug aggressively upon the frail fabric of our lives.

Each side is pointing fingers at the other side maybe not realizing that that doesn’t foment a positive outcome, but rather an entrenched position. I will never tell you that I have all of the answers because that’s just simply ridiculous, not to mention a lie, but I will always try to find the best answer or solution for you.

I would love to believe that we can all come together as Americans, heck as humans and find common goals and ideas and focus more on that, but that would just eliminate the whole big media conglomerate including Hollywood. Sure Hollywood would have to adjust to what the country wants as would the media, but as Eric Pooley said “if it bleeds, it leads.”

To be quite honest I’m tired of hearing about all of the bickering. Until something actually happens, the speculation should just be relegated to the tabloids not the national newscasts. It’s clear that the media despises the administration, well, all but that one channel. When the coverage is so blatantly bias, it makes it hard for the average viewer to know what is really an issue or someone just bloviating on television.

I am a rabid consumer of the media and I read a lot, but honestly I try not to watch much of the “news” anymore. You’ve heard of trigger words or dog whistles before and if you haven’t they’re subtle but not really so subtle words that commentators will use in order to relay a “secret” message to their viewers. Once you understand what these codes are, it becomes fascinating to witness just how frequently they’re used.

If we are ever to try to understand each other, we have to reach out and talk to each other even if it makes us uncomfortable and emotional. We have to confront the illness that has spread in and around all of us and know that when it comes down to it my blood is just as red as yours.


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