Women and Jewelry: Gumuchian

Since the turn of the century, the Gumuchian name has earned a well-established reputation in the diamond and jewelry industry for providing superior craftsmanship and spectacular designs.

Jewelry designed by Women for Women – the Gumuchian ladies have been manufacturing high quality jewelry in the U.S. with a commitment to beauty, quality and style for more than 30 years.

Gumuchian is a gem of a jewelry collection that’s treasured by the cognoscenti who can spot true European craftsmanship and superior design a mile away. Owned and operated with meticulous attention to quality by Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia, this boutique company is proud to do it all, from the selection of brilliant diamonds through their family-run offices in Antwerp, to the actual manufacturing in the heart of New York.
These three women design every piece of their sparkling collections with an intuitive feel for what modern women of style crave today. Generations of experience combined with pure passion glow through: owning a Gumuchian is owning a piece of art.

The Gumuchian insistence on a consistently high quality of materials, as well as the finest upscale jewelry and setting techniques, makes them one of the few remaining companies that still make jewelry the “old fashion way.”

Gumuchian specializes in platinum, 18kt gold, diamond and precious stone luxury jewelry. Their designs are high-end, both enduring and classic, but also infused with contemporary ideas that reflect the fashions of today. Gumuchian has been worn by Giselle Bundchen, Felicity Hoffman, Tatum O’Neil, Brittany Murphy, Marcia Cross and Rita Wilson to name just a few…

Gumuchian recognizes the importance of wearing jewelry that is soft, yet luxurious, that can go from office to evening – as well as the need for exceptional, special occasion pieces.