The Crimson Garland Ruby

This stunning piece is called the Crimson Garland. It hit Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong in November 2013. However, the detailed information about the telephone bidder has never been made public. He bought this necklace for $6,402,240.

Also known as Etcetera’s Burmese ruby, this necklace held the title of the most expensive diamond and ruby necklace ever sold at auction until May 2015. It was designed by Edmond Chin, a contemporary jewelry designer and founder of Etcetera.

And this collar-designed necklace is comprised of two rows of oval-shaped diamond swags and thirty-five rubies. Among them are two centerpiece cushion-shaped rubies. Each of them weighs more than 10 carats. And it is connected to a scallop of oval diamonds and six pear-shaped diamonds drip like a fringe from the outer edge.

All rare unheated Burmese rubies on this necklace are vivid pigeon’s blood red. And they weigh 87.78 carats in total.