The Olympic Australis Opal

The “Olympic Australis” is an extraordinary & unique Opal that is reportedly the largest & most valuable Gem Opal ever found. It was found in August 1956 in Coober Pedy, South Australia at the “Eight Mile” Opal field.

The Miner who found it was prospecting 30 feet down in the mine at the time. He decided to name the Opal after the Olympic games which were happening in Melbourne that year so hence the name the “Olympic Australis”. The fact that just 1% of the Opal is soil that is adhering to it while the remaining 99% is pure Gem Opal is what makes the Opal the most valuable Gem Opal ever reported.

The current value is at over $2,500,000AUD! It weighs 17,000 carats (3450 grams) and is 11 inches long (280mm), with a height of 4¾ inches (120mm) and a width of 4½ inches (115mm). There are estimates that say over 7000 carats could be cut from the Opal, however it is way too unique & extraordinary in its current state the plans are firmly to leave it exactly like it was found.

It currently resides at the Altmann & Cherny’s in Melbourne. They are a family run business who has an amazing collection of Opals. Their showroom is at 128 Exhibition Street, Melbourne and you can see this amazing Opal during showroom hours.