The Aurora Australis Opal

The “Aurora Australia” is considered the world’s most valuable Black Opal. Found in 1938 it was dug up in an old sea bed at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales.

Bought by Altmann & Cherny’s as a semi rough Opal which they cut and polished into an oval shape. Apart from the distinctive impression of a star fish on the back on the stone the full rarity & value comes from its size and strong vibrant colors. Its harlequin pattern with dominant blue, green and red colors on a black background resembles the bright southern lights which is how they came up with the name the “Aurora Australis”.

Worth an estimated $1,000,000AUD the” Aurora Australis” weighs 180 carats and is 3inches by 1.8 inches. If you want to see the stone it’s on permanent display at Altman’s & Cherny’s Sydney Showroom 19 – 31 Pitt Street, Sydney.