The Virgin Opal

Opal is not known to be a very expensive gemstone, but this beauty broke the ceiling and then some. Opal, a valuable stone that forms out of silica and of course, glows with an astonishing array of colors that you’re bound to love. It truly is a beautiful stone, but have you seen the Virgin Rainbow Opal? If you haven’t you’ll be glad to know that it’s the most glorious of Opals; the finest and certainly the priciest Opal in the world.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of this Opal is that it glows in the dark. The darkness of the night has nothing on this glorious rock; in fact, the Virgin Rainbow Opal tends to be more vibrant even in the darkest of rooms. It is simply amazing.

So where does the Virgin Rainbow Opal come from?

Well, you might not believe this but the Virgin Rainbow was unearthed in Coober Pedy, Australia. It was found by a man named John Dunstan who also features in the Outback Opal Hunters TV show. For a stone that comes with such beauty and magnificence, one would expect it to be discovered in a place that reflects its vivid and sparkly nature.

The Virgin Rainbow was found in an area that could be likened to a desolate desert that has been laid waste by countless years of earth-scorching heat. It’s however important to point out that Coober Pedy was initially home to marine dinosaurs including the present-day cuttlefish’s ancestor. For those who might know, the charming Virgin Rainbow Opal was formed and discovered inside the skeleton of the ancient cuttlefish known as a Belemnite.

What is the Value of the Virgin Rainbow?

The Virgin Rainbow Opal is worth over $1 million and is now owned by the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. If you ever get the chance to visit the museum this Opal is a must see.