Let’s Go On A Journey

Sometimes, the only way to get the message across to someone is to be direct, but how can you be direct with someone that’s a pro at mind manipulation? I never truly realized just how but I despise that trait in people until I began working directly with one. Their minds operate in an almost warp speed with only one goal in mind, I’m going to get what I want even if I have to trick you into a yes. I thought, at one time, that I admired this trait and wanted to acquire it for myself, but what it taught me is that those types of people only are interested in themselves. There are no red lines with them and even if they get caught outside of the line, once they pay for the “mistake” they’re back at it again. They just look for other lines to cross with ending up the same way. Their mindset may make them wealthy, but how happy are they, truly?

How happy they are depends upon who you ask, but it’s more about what you can see in their tells. Oh, and you better be paying attention, because they’re not so easily revealed. That’s intentional. The façade they put up can be easily torn down once you can get them to reveal a weakness. Thinking about this, maybe the real reason that I despise this trait is that it’s fairly easy to see things in others that you have yourself. I think that there are reasons I choose the light rather than the darkness. I listen to people’s concerns and try to balance them out. I have zero empathy, but I can always sympathize with someone. What’s frustrating to those around me is that when I get to the point where “I’m done”, I change careers and just into something completely different. I can’t say that I have a life long career in Real Estate, but I can say that I do in management which can transfer into just about any industry.

So how did I end up in sales? Dear me, I’ve always been in sales and just never looked at it as sales. It was exciting, fun and kept me on my toes, but when you work with a master sales person, it can do one of two things: either it will spark the competitive side of you or it will completely demotivate you. If it does the latter, then you’re doing the wrong thing! I can say this, I do not like high-pressure sales at all. Do not like it when someone’s trying to do that to me nor me trying to do that to someone else. If I try to hard close someone, there is usually 1 reason I will do that, they already want to sell and just need a little extra push to finalize the deal. Cars salespeople have the reputation that they do because they have to be aggressive. A lot of them work on straight commission, which is something I have done before.

Now that I manage a sales team, I have to motivate the team and constantly give them ideas on how to improve, all while running my own store. Recently I have begun to look at things a little differently and that old itch is starting to return. This usually means that it’s time to move on, but I swear this is true, this guy can read my mind! He gave me some solid advice that I can utilize and build upon and actually spent more than just a few of minutes discussing how I could better myself instead of “I know you’re better than this” spiel. Although the meeting didn’t start out that way, it did end on a high note.

I’m still not a master mind manipulator and don’t think I ever will or want to be, but I know that I can improve in many areas of what I’m currently doing. So, we’re going to go on a journey, where you hold me accountable by following my blog, commenting and then watching my progress. All suggestions are welcome.

Let’s get this started!