You Have to Listen Many More Times

I started listening to a new audio book today in the effort to better focus my energy on what I really want in life. This is a huge question and many answer it with simple things like money, fame and fortune, but I think they don’t take a deep dive into what it really is that they want or what deeply stops them. Their answers are riddled with excuses as to why they can’t but little much else as to why they can. This self-defeating attitude is what stops the ninety-nine percent of ever becoming more than just a cog in the wheel. However, being that cog in the wheel can lead to a deep understanding of how something works, what you’re passionate about and allow you to believe that you can do it for yourself.

Are you ready for the challenge? I’ll be writing about my progress, what has impacted me and what I’m doing about it. Notice, that the language I’m using is definitive. This will be done, without fail!

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